Player v4 offline package setup


Self-hosting Offline packages are available to Enterprise customers only. To learn how to upgrade your account, please email

WIREWAX interactive videos can be hosted on clients' web services or run completely offline without the need for WIREWAX to be involved. Offline packages are engineered to support the following scenarios:

Run interactive videos in a booth, showcase or exhibition when internet is not stable or not accessible
Host and deploy interactive videos to third party web services

Please note that:

  1. It takes up to 2 business days for WIREWAX to deliver the offline package
  2. After exported as an offline package, WIREWAX has no control over the interactive video, and is not responsible for any issues after non-authorized code modifications
  3. The offline packages can also be made SCORM compliant for LMS', both V1.2 and 2004
  4. Analytics can be enabled or disabled

Package details#

The offline package is a bundle of JavaScript engineering files packaged in a single folder, named with 7 digits video id, 8175508 etc.
An offline package usually included two main parts:

Interactive video files:

  • public folder - the WIREWAX Player files and interactive video assets
  • index.html - the HTML page that loads the WIREWAX player

Simple node server scripts (optional, we include this for quick testing):

  • package.json / package-lock.json / node_modules - npm files
  • app.js / packed.html - entry points


Host on custom web services#

  1. Unzip the offline package zip file
  2. Upload the folder named with 7 digits video ID to your hosting service
  3. The url to WIREWAX interactive video will be the path to the index.html file inside the package

For example, upload the a 8175508 folder to the root directory of domain The path to the interactive video will be

Host locally or offline#


We recommend to use Chrome browser and the Kiosk Chrome application to run offline package without any coding.


node >= 8.6 is recommended

You could write your own server scripts to serve the offline package folder, or use the simple node server script we include in the package (node_modules is also attached, no need to run npm install).

  1. In Command Prompt or Terminal:
# example
cd downloads/WIREWAXOffline-8175508-Client-05132020/8175508
  1. Run local server:
node app.js
  1. Open the browser and go to localhost to enjoy your offline interactive video experience