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WIREWAX Developer Hub

Evolve the way you use video.

iframe API

Using the API's JavaScript functions, you can control video play, pause, seek, adjust volume, or retrieve information about the video play state. You can also add event listeners that will execute in response to certain WIREWAX video events, such as player state change, interaction state change. To showcase the usage, we created a Live Demo on CodeSandbox.

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Self-hosting Solution

WIREWAX interactive videos can be hosted on clients' web services or run completely offline without the need for WIREWAX to be involved.

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Live Element

Live Elements is a feature available in the WIREWAX tool to pull content from any open API and integrate into the overlays. Live Elements can be even linked to clickthrough urls in element actions. All elements will allow users to add their own content and mix it with content/action from the API.

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