Self-hosting Quick Start


Self-hosting Offline packages are available to Enterprise customers only. To learn how to upgrade your account, please email


Starting from Jan 1st, 2021, WIREWAX will start to test and ship player v5 offline package as new self-hosting solution. If you are still using player v4 offline package, please check Player v4 package for instructions.


It takes up to 2 business days for WIREWAX to deliver player v5 offline package.

After exported as an offline package, WIREWAX has no control over the interactive video, and is not responsible for any issues after non-authorized code modifications.

Analytics can't be disabled at this moment for player v5 offline package, please request player v4 offline package for analytics-disabled package.

WIREWAX interactive videos can be hosted on clients' web services or run completely offline without the need for WIREWAX to be involved. Offline packages are engineered to support the following scenarios:

For testing purpose, please download testing package here: offline package v5 example.


To run package locally#


Go to offline-package-[VID ID] folder, run

npm i && npm start


Open browser and go to localhost:8080/wirewax-offline/YOUR_VIDEO_ID.

To run on server#

Configure server#

Main requirement is to have your server configured with capability of serving static resources from [YOU HOST]/wirewax-offline url.

If your server serves static resources from root folder than just put wirewax-offline folder there.

It not than put wirewax-offline folder in desired location and configure your server to serve static resources from that folder from /wirewax-offline url.

You only need to configure your server once.

Add another offline package#

If you already have other WIREWAX v5 offline packages served on your server, simply copy content of ./wirewax-offline folder from your new package to wirewax-offline folder on your server.


Want to run interactive video in a booth?

We recommend to use Chrome browser and the Kiosk Chrome application to run offline package without any coding.