Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does WIREWAX player stores cookies?#

A: Our current main player solution WIREWAX player 5( doesn't use cookies. However, legacy player 4 ( is still using cookies.

Q: WIREWAX provide metrics system, do I need to disclose this when embedding video on my site?#

A: It depends. Tech specs, currently WIREWAX player is using localStorage for interactivity session. We generate a random unique ID that's only used in our self-developed metrics system to keep records for interactivity purpose. It's not shared to any third party tracking system. More details please check our privacy policy.

Q: Does WIREWAX player support IE browser?#

A: Since Feb, 2021, we are ending support for IE since Microsoft dropped IE maintenance in 2020. Currently WIREWAX player will display notifications on IE browser and can be disabled with noMessage=true url params. Most of our videos still perform well on recent builds of IE 11. Any previous IE builds might experience glitches due to the limited web media support of IE. Alternatively, we recommend to dynamically append url params noCustomisations=true to your embedded video url when detecting the browser is IE. This url param will disable interactivity (hotspots, overlay, time triggers) for an WIREWAX video to enable smooth playback.