Embed Guide

As we are moving into Player v5 and Studio v5, we highly recommend to use our built-in embed helper to configure your embedding options.

Player v5#

In Studio v5, please go to video editor / Embed tab to configure embed options.

Alternatively, please go to Player v5 video standalone page, Social sharing button / Open embedding settings to configure embed options.

Player v4#

Player 4 video urls start with embed.wirewax.com while player v5 video urls start with embedder.wirewax.com.

Player 4 video support url params to configure embed options (for offline)

ParametersDescriptionValue TypeDefault Value
autoStartIf true, the video should start as soon as he can. Constrained by browser policybooleanautoStar=false
langSets the user language. Usually linked to locale by default and used for subtitle detection2 letter stringlang=en
clearLoadersDoesn't show the player initial loaderbooleanclearLoaders=false
mutedIf true, the video should start mutedbooleanmuted=false
timeStamptimestamp from which to start playingintegertimeStamp=0
skinDefine a skin to be used ( Ex: SkinBarebonesSlick)stringskin=""
showSubtitlesIf true, the video should display subtitlesbooleanshowSubtitles=false
loopIf true, the video should loopbooleanloop=false
fullBleedvideo ignores ratio and fills the size of the iframebooleanfullBleed=false
forceRenditionForce player to use a certain rendition of the video, value has to be one of 360, 540, 720, 1080stringforceRendition=""
preloadif true, player will set HTML5 video elements to preload=auto, only available in player v4booleanpreload=false

Embed examples#

If a video has two variants, vertical & landscape, here is a minimal common example of how to dynamically embed video variants on the page based on user agent (Live demo):