Setting Up WIREWAX BrightCove Player Plugin v5 beta


This is a preview of a brand new WIREWAX BrightCove player plugin. We are currently in beta testing and expecting to launch a client ready version in the near future. This documentation is subjected to change.

For current stable release please check Steps for Setting Up WIREWAX Sync™ with Brightcove.


Here is the chart of features comparison in between WIREWAX BrightCove Player Plugin v4 and v5.

FeaturesBCP Plugin v5BCP Plugin v4
WIREWAX PlayerPlayer 5Player 4
Video ID overrideYesNo
API supportingWIREWAX embedder API (on roadmap)No wirewax API
BCP PlaylistYesNo
Multiple BCP instancesOn roadmapNo


1. Sync WIREWAX Studio with BrightCove Studio#

Please follow the tutorial here Steps for Setting Up WIREWAX Sync™ with Brightcove. After setting up Sync™, WIREWAX Studio will assign WIREWAX video ID to the videos that you choose to sync to WIREWAX Studio.

If you choose not to use WIREWAX Sync™, please get the WIREWAX video ID of the video you want to setup from WIREWAX Studio.

2. Setup a BrightCove player instance with WIREWAX BCP plugin v5#

<!-- Plugin Scripts -->

Create a BrightCove player, and in its Plugins section, add a "Custom Plugin": add a custom plugin

Fill the config of a Custom plugin:

  • Plugin Name - (required), input “wirewax”
  • JavaScript URL - (required), input plugin script link,
  • CSS URL - (required), input plugin css link,
  • Options(JSON) - (optional), you can pass in:
    • videoId - string | number, used to override the WIREWAX videoID for a BCP video

configure custom plugin

Once everything is setup, please publish the changes and go into media, choose the video and apply the player with WIREWAX BCP plugin v5 you just created.

3. Embed BrightCove Player to your page#

3.1 iframe embed#

copy paste the iframe embed snippet from BrightCover Player and paste it to your page.


WIREWAX embedder API is not available when using BrightCove Player iframe embed.

3.2 Advanced embed#

copy paste the JS embed snippet from BrightCove Player and paste it to your page. The code snippets should look like below:

<div style="max-width: 960px;">
style="padding-top: 56.25%;">

Brightcove locks player & plugins versions once it's published. If your feedback is resolved and get updates of WIREWAX BCP plugin v5 from our team, please republish your player instance or create a new BrightCove player instance for the changes to be in effect.